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What does Coaching help with?

and is it right for me

Coaching may be right for you if…

…you’re considering a job transition.

…you’re starting to pursue a promotion.

…you’re beginning a new management role.

…you’re looking to advance with intention and clarity.

Sound like you? 

Then coaching may be the support you need to find your way forward.

A coach is a guide who can help you identity and achieve your goals to start your journey with intention and clarity. 

You do not have to do this alone. I am here to help.

How Does Coaching Work?

The Coaching Relationship

You: The Emerging Professional

You likely already have the skills and motivation to succeed individually. You are a creative problem solver, committed to excellence, and willing to show up and get to work. 

And now, you’re ready to move forward. 

But change can be overwhelming. Leadership can be daunting. And you know just wanting it isn’t enough.

You’ve heard or read that a coach or a mentor can help you be better in life, work, etc., but you’re skeptical about paying someone to tell you how to do something you might be able to figure out on your own.

Except, leadership isn’t a solo activity – leadership is fundamentally communal. 

Me: Your Guide & Coach

That is where I come in. Through leadership and career coaching, I guide emerging leaders in cultivating their ability to access their authentic self and lead out of it. 

L&L Coaching is a customized, one-on-one relationship that is focused on exploring the key aspects of your sense of self in relation to your career and leadership journey.

It is dedicated time to focus on who you are, in order to help you figure out how you move yourself and others forward.

I will listen, ask questions and provide thoughtful, constructive feedback.

It’s your time.

I am simply there guide you back to that part of you that knows.

How Does Coaching Work?

Process & Packages

Step 1 - Intake Session

This 45-minute initial session is our coaching roadmap. We spend time getting to know each other, discovering the ways you are looking to move forward, exploring your priorities, and understanding the challenges you face personally and professionally. 

Step 2 - Guidance Session

Every 1-hour guidance session digs into exploring a challenge, unpacking the situation, and clarifying your desires in moving forward. Then we work together to change that challenge to an opportunity. Every session ends with tangible, take-away actions. 

Step 3 - Action Review

In the 30-minute action review, we celebrate wins and discuss your progress with the actions from the guidance session. This is where we get super practical and calibrate our approach to your growth, finding balance so you feel supported along the way.

Everyone has different goals.

Here are a few comments from individuals who, with my help as their guide, moved forward in their leadership and professional identity.

“I started my coaching sessions with Jamie because I began a new management role but had little support from my supervisor and felt unsure of myself. Jamie immediately understood the dynamics of my boss and my team and provided tangible tools to approach my day-to-day in a way that aligned with my natural strengths. Jamie has the unique ability to expertly discern a situation and provide pointed yet gentle guidance. My confidence increased and I was able to approach my leadership role with conviction. I began challenging what I knew was unhealthy in my work environment while using my strengths to rally my team and get quality work done. I changed what I could but ultimately decided to leave my role. I am now in a position that is much more aligned with my values, and I am much happier. This would not have happened without Jamie’s coaching and support!”


“Jamie has a way of empowering you to find your own voice.  Her insight and discerning questions helped me to formulate and articulate my own leadership values, strengths, experiences and commitments in a way that reflected who I really am, how I’ve been equipped and what I’m called to moving forward.  Jamie’s belief in one’s potential is motivating, engaging and winsome.”

L. I.

“Jamie has been a timely voice of wisdom and discernment at strategic points in my career and leadership formation. She’s a keen discerner of people and scenarios, drawing upon years of experience and training to help me thrive as an emerging talent in my field. She has been particularly gifted in helping me […] navigate high pressure situations with poise and confidence.”

J. S.

“Though an unusual series of events, I suddenly found myself owning a business the week after I turned 30. While I knew how to run things operationally, the culture of the company was toxic and I knew I’d need guidance in changing it. Jamie not only helped me identify the elements of culture change that needed to happen, she helped me see how I would need to change myself if I was going to be the leader I wanted my company to have.  We are 6-months into the culture shift and already my staff feels stronger job satisfaction and we’ve reduced our turnover rate to almost zero. I really beleive Jamie’s guidance was absolutely essential to helping me discover my leadership intuition so I could guide my company forward with intention.

K. K.

Have Questions?

Coaching is a personal process, so it’s expected that you’d have some questions about how this works for you. Send me your qustions so we can start a conversation.


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